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Best 10 Yoga Pose For Beginners


Are you looking to incorporate yoga into your daily exercise regimen? Then, you have made the right decision. There is so much going on around the globe about yoga that you will get much support today. Moreover, the benefits are astounding. So, if you have never done yoga before, you still have many yoga poses for beginners to try out. 

Let us delve into the 10 yoga poses for beginners, which you can do anytime, anywhere. Remember to seek guidance from a yoga school of repute to do the asana or pose according to guidelines. It will also help you avoid injuries. 

10 Yoga Poses For Beginners Decoded 

  1. Child’s Pose – This is a calming yoga pose called Balasana. You have to sit in Vajrasana, with the arms by your side and slowly fold the torso forward. Your forehead should touch the ground, with the arms stretching towards the front. Lay your hands on the mat before you, or keep them stretched at the back, with palms facing upwards. Hold the pose for some time and then return to the original position. This easy yoga pose manages constipation and soothes the nervous system as well. 
  2. Downward Facing Dog Pose—This is another famous yoga pose you can do almost anywhere. Moreover, it just involves a bit of stretching. Get down on all four limbs and slowly lift the buttocks upwards. Ensure that the body forms an inverted V. You need to tuck your chin inwards into your chest cavity for maximum stretch. This also acts as a strengthening exercise. It works on your overall flexibility and tones the entire body. 
  3. Bound Angle Pose—Also called Baddha Kona Asana, this pose involves moving the legs like a butterfly flapping its wings. It is an easy pose in which you fold the legs and bring the soles of the feet in contact with one another. The heels should be close to the groin region. Sit with the spine straight while moving the knees up and down. This seated pose improves bowel movements and also relieves menstrual discomfort. 
  4. Mountain Pose—Also called Tadasana, this is one of the yoga poses for beginners. It looks pretty easy but has enormous benefits. You can also gain proper alignment through this pose. Stand with your feet together and arms by your side while grounding your feet into the mat. Visualize elongating your spine while moving the arms up above your head, palms facing each other. As you exhale, drop the shoulders down and move the hands to their original position by the side of your torso. 
  5. Cobra Pose—To do the pose, lie down on your belly with your legs stretched towards the back. Your arms are initially by your side. Slowly, you must bring your hands, with your fingers pointing towards the front, beside your shoulders. Lift your torso and tilt your head to gaze at the ceiling. It is an excellent pose to correct your spine curve and make you more flexible. Holding the pose for a while will surely benefit you in different ways. 
  6. Plank Pose—This is another easy yoga pose for beginners. Anyone who has never done any asana can also do it. You have to start in the push-up position, with the toes and palms supporting your body. Lift yourself up, keeping the body parallel to the ground. The wrists are directly below the shoulders in this asana. Hold the pose as long as you can, and then release. The position is suitable for strength building and better flexibility. 
  7. Easy Pose – Called Sukhasana in Sanskrit, you can do the pose with minimal hassles. It is a basic seated yoga asana, in which you sit cross-legged, without any force. The spine remains straight, and the hands are on the knees in Gyan mudra. This meditative pose will surely relax you and de-clutter your mind from external disturbances. 
  8. Uttanasana: You have to stand straight, with your hands by your side. Slowly inhale and exhale while bending forward from the waist. Your spine should remain straight when you are in the folded position. Keep your hands on the mat, or interlock the fingers. The head hangs freely. This is an extremely relaxing pose for everyone. 
  9. Malasana—It is also called the Garland pose and happens to be the perfect groin opener. It stretches all the muscles in the pelvic region. You have to sit in a deep squat, with your hands folded in a Namaste. Ensure that you place your feet flat on the ground. This will help compress the reproductive region as well, alleviating any pain or discomfort. 
  10. Tree Pose – This is the famous Vrikshasana, in which you get to increase your body balance. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. Lift one foot and tuck it into the inner thigh region of the opposite leg. Take the arms above your head and join them at the palms. Hold the pose while breathing normally. Release and repeat on the opposite side. This is an excellent beginner-level pose to stabilize the body. You can also work your spine alongside in this yogic practice. 


So, now you know about the 10 yoga asanas names that are beneficial for good health. Even if you have never done these before, you can start now. Enrol in a yoga course at one of the most acclaimed yoga schools in Rishikesh, Namaste Yoga School, and learn everything in detail. You will be able to master the poses in no time. Beginner poses like these will help you to establish your practice in yoga. So, without any more delay, go and join the course now. 

Abhrajita Mondal

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