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A Quick Guide to Yoga Alliance Certifications RYT 200, RYT 300, RYT 500

So, you have been hearing a lot about Yoga Alliance certification for yoga teachers, right? And, many people may have told you, that it is a necessity if you want to become a successful yoga teacher. You have to get that RYT, quickly. Now, what is this RYT? Stop getting confused, as your questions are answered here. 

What is Yoga Alliance?

So, how are Yoga Alliance and RYT connected? Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the US and has registered yoga schools and registered yoga teachers under its wings. Schools registered under the organization offer a standardized yoga syllabus. Teachers who complete YTTC from such schools can apply for Registered Yoga Teacher certification

The organization has over the years, built a flourishing yoga community without any geographic limitation. Moreover, there are so many yoga forms today, like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, and so on. People are coming up with their own derivatives. And, this seemingly confuses yoga enthusiasts. This is where the role of the Yoga Alliance assumes great importance. 

 If you want to learn authentic yoga, and that too in a safe manner, you must join a school that is registered under Yoga Alliance. The organization also trains schools on ineffective business practices. 

Benefits of The Yoga Alliance Certification

Before, you move forward, do keep one thing in mind. This registration for yoga schools is voluntary. There is no legality behind it. You can call it an internal standardization system. 

Yoga Alliance provides valuable lifelong guidance to students, who are certified. You also become a part of a yoga community, wherein you get access to quality yoga education at all times. 

The other benefits that come along with the certification are:

  • Once you are a Yoga Alliance certified professional, you get access to mental health support, legal services support, yoga clothing, and financial training support. 
  • Moreover, you can access free upgrades or discounts on courses in the future. 
  • Yoga Alliance has a directory that lists the registered schools and professionals. So, anybody can look up the directory and reach out to you. Your credibility also gets a boost, with your name on the yoga directory. 
  • Yoga Alliance also advocates on behalf of the schools and teachers, apart from suggesting changes for betterment. 
  • Getting a Yoga Alliance certification makes it evident, that you have been trained according to the highest standards of yoga education. And, you like it or not, many YA- registered schools prefer it for recruitment, as it leads to standardization in the hiring process. 
  • You can connect with yoga practitioners from across the world. This facilitates cultural exchanges and teaches one to be more accepting of other’s cultures and traditions. 

What Does It Mean To Be An RYT? Is It Worth It?

Registered Yoga Teacher or RYT certification implies, that you have received authentic yoga training. Moreover, you are deemed to have been trained under the strict guidelines of Yoga Alliance. You must complete the teacher training courses and get a completion certificate, to apply for RYT. The teacher training courses imply either of these:

Yoga Alliance expects you to dedicate yourself to a period of yoga practice after the course. Most students apply for RYT within 3-6 months. An RYT gives you credibility in the yoga market and it is definitely worth it. 

However, those with other certifications and degrees also co-exist in the yoga job market. That does not make it any less valuable, though. Find out how.

Levels Of Certification: RYT-200, RYT-300 RYT-500

  • RYT-200 – Yoga Alliance requires you to complete 200 hours of combined study, practice, as well as contact hours, to claim the 200 hours of yoga teacher training course completion certificate. This course includes asana, Pranayama, meditation, anatomy, physiology, history of yoga, philosophy, ethics in teaching pedagogy, professional development, practice, and elective hours. So, it is quite an elaborate syllabus, really! After completing the course from a Registered Yoga School, you can apply for RYT 200, finally. 

  • RYT-300 – A RYT-300 yoga teacher is the next one, and it’s for all those, who have completed the 300-hour yoga teacher training course from a Registered Yoga School. However, you will not find this certification displayed anywhere. Alas! What is the point then? The reason is, that such teachers will register for RYT-500. One can do the 300 hours yoga teacher training course, only after completing the 200 hours yoga teacher training course. So, technically, the incumbent would have completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training. You ought to dedicate an additional 100 hours to the training, for the 300 hours course, to be precise. 
  • RYT-500 – You can apply for RYT-500, by taking the 200 hours and the 300 hours courses, separately. On the other hand, you can also complete the courses in one go, as a 500 hours yoga teacher training course. It can take up to two months, to complete the comprehensive course, which is quite intimidating for a few. Additionally, an RYT-500 teacher is deemed to have completed 500 hours of training and 100 hours of teaching hours, to qualify. 

How To Register In Yoga Alliance?

This might scare you a bit! However, we have made it easy for you. 

  • Creating an account is the first step toward Yoga Alliance registration. Your school may have already created it for you, and you probably received an email stating the ID and password. You can also create one yourself. 
  • In the next step, you have to submit the training program information. Select the designation, to find out the requirements. After having done that, you have to enter the start and end date of the training. Thereafter, enter the school name and upload your completion certificate. No, that is not all, but the beginning. 
  • Send the request to your RYS for confirmation. If you are applying for something higher than RYT-200, you would need to show teaching hours as well. 
  • Wait for your RYS confirmation. You will be notified by email, once a representative from your school does that. Thereafter, you have to complete the remaining part of the registration. 
  • Pay the designated fees for RYT registration. 
  • You must submit a review of your training at the RYS. Without that, your registration application will not be considered complete. 
  • Lastly, you must publish your profile on the Yoga Alliance directory


Once you receive your RYT certification, it stays with you lifelong. However, in order to maintain the RYT and the affiliation with Yoga Alliance, you are supposed to complete 45 hours of refresher training every 3 years and renew the registration annually. The RYS may also help you to complete the above process. So, do not hesitate to ask for assistance, if required.


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