Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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Overview of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

200 hours yoga

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India is a 200 Hours course to offer you a chance for starting your career in kundalini yoga and spirituality. Sometimes you feel down and you don't even understand the reason. It happens because the undalini energy of the body gets weakened or the seven chakras of the body get imbalanced. To balance all this and to awaken the Kundalini Energy, Kundalini Yoga is performed. At Namaste Yoga School, our well-versed masters and yogis guide you throughout your journey of Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh.

They help you during the Kundalini awakening process so that you can lead a happy and balanced life. Also, it further helps you in controlling the hidden physical energy inside you. The Kundalini Awakening is magic to mankind if done in a properly guided way. The Chakra healing process, included in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh controls various diseases in your body, thus, letting you lead a healthy life.

Deepen Your Practice With Our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga is far different from other styles of yoga. As other forms primarily focus on physical health, Kundalini yoga is more like a spiritual practice. There are physical postures in Kundalini Yoga but there are not only these. It is not the prime focus of this style. Like Hatha and Vinyasa is much about physical poses, Kundalini is not. It is precise and many times you find it repetitive. Other forms of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga works combines physical postures with breath while Kundalini Yoga is meant to combine various activities such as chanting, movements, breathing, and singing. All these are done in specific patterns. The main aim of Kundalini Yoga is to enlighten the spiritual power of an individual. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Namaste Yoga School are practiced and taught under experienced and skilful teachers in the same field. With the course, you are able to reap the various benefits of Kundalini Yoga such as increased self-appreciation and self-perception and decreased stress and anxiety.

200 hours yoga

Why Choose The 200-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh?

chakra-icon 200 Hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Cost at Namaste Yoga School in Rishikesh is budget-friendly, so you can join it easily without disturbing your pockets.
chakra-icon Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a course for spiritual awakening, so you can join it if you are feeling spiritual disturbances and issues.
chakra-icon The best Kundalini yoga teacher training by Namaste Yoga School is a door to a bright career as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.
chakra-icon Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh by our yoga school is conducted by experienced yog-gurus in the same field.
chakra-icon The course offers various health benefits such as improved cognitive functioning.

Eligibility for 200 hour YTTC


Minimum Age: Typically, participants must be at least 18 years old to enroll in a 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh.


Basic Yoga Knowledge: A foundational understanding of yoga, including regular practice and familiarity with basic poses, is often required for 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


Physical Fitness: Participants should be in good physical health and capable of engaging in the physical demands of the training.


Motivation and Commitment: Applicants may need to express their intent and commitment to becoming a yoga teacher, often through a statement of purpose.


Educational Background: While not always mandatory, some programs may prefer individuals with a background in health, wellness, or related fields.

Yoga Teachers

yoga teacher
Swami Sachidanand Ji
(Kundalini Yoga, Philosophy, Naturopathy)

Yogi Shree Sachidananda ji has completed his master's degree in the subject of Geography. He lives in the ashram and is dedicated around 25 years to the growth of his inner life. He has studied the philosophy of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and The Bhagwat Gita in the light of Swami Shivanand.

yoga teacher
Yogi Raghav Ji
(Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy)

Yogi Rajeev sharing his knowledge as a Pranayama & Hatha yoga which help the teacher training student to develop their breathing skills. Rajeev Ji is full of energy and knowledge, which helps him to motivate students so that they can focus deeply in yoga in their regular life, and can improve their inner strength and determination.

yoga teacher
Yogi Naveen Ji
(Hatha, Ashtanga)

Yogi Naveen has been teaching Yoga Teacher Training since 2015. He had trained over a 1000 teachers in India and abroad. Most of his work is in Yoga Capital Rishikesh, India. He has also taught yoga in China and Vietnam. Naveen holds a Master in yogic science,and is a certified Prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher trainer.he has also done 500 hours yoga TTC from yoga alliance U.S.A

yoga teacher
Yogi Swaraj Ji
(Nada Yoga, Music Theraphy)

Swaraj Ji is an experienced practitioner of Nada Yoga and a founder of HUM - a Nada “Healing in Union with Music” Temple based in Rishikesh, India. He is specialised in music therapy, speech therapy, sound and chakra healing. Additionally he is a teacher of Meditation in the Bhakti Tradition as well as a Yoga Alliance certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga System.

yoga teacher
Yogi Rajeev Ji
(Hatha, Pranayama)

Yogi Rajeev sharing his knowledge as a Pranayama & Hatha yoga which help the teacher training student to develop their breathing skills. Rajeev Ji is full of energy and knowledge, which helps him to motivate students so that they can focus deeply in yoga in their regular life, and can improve their inner strength and determination.

What is included

Yoga classes Yoga classes
Books & Manual Books & Manual
Free Ayurvedic Massage Free Ayurvedic Massage
Acro yoga class Acro yoga class
Sound Healing Session Sound Healing Session
Accommodation Accommodation
Yogic Food Yogic Food
Yoga Mat, blocks, Shatkarma kit Yoga Mat, blocks, Shatkarma kit
Meditation Session Meditation Session
Himalayan Sunrise tour Himalayan Sunrise tour
Indian Cooking class Indian Cooking class
Cave Visit Cave Visit
Local sightseeing's Local sightseeing's

Curriculum for 200 hour YTTC

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra pose - to awaken the heart chakra)
  • Prarthanasana (The prayer pose - to have reverence)
  • Padahastasana (The standing forward bend - to awaken Muladhara Chakra)
  • Tadasana (The Tree Pose - for nourishing our spiritual aspiration)
  • Trikonasana (The Triangle pose)
  • Sahaja Agnisar Dhauti (Awakening inner fire - in Manipura Chakra)
  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose - to cleanse Vajra Nadi to promote ascendance of sexual energy towards upper chakras)
  • Shalabhasana (The Locust pose - Increases the blood supply to the sacrum and lower back)
  • Dhanurasana (The Bow pose - remove constipation and improve digestion)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Lord of the Fishes Pose)
  • Uddiyana Bandha (Upward flying lock)
  • Paschimottanasana (The back stretching pose)
  • Janushirshasana (The head to knee pose- eliminate laziness and weakness)
  • Ushtrasana (The Camel Pose-arousing Manipura chakra)
  • Naukasana (The boat pose - alleviates anxiety and nervousness)
  • Supta Vajrasana (The Reclining Thunderbolt pose - guides sexual energy through Vajra Nadi towards the brain)
  • Garudasana (The Eagle pose - improve balance and coordination)
  • Nauli Kriya (The Navel Cleansing- Balance the three senses of humor of the body Kapha-Vata-pitta)
  • Ardha Shirshasana (Half headstand- rejuvenate the brain cells)
  • Shashankasana (The Hare pose - remove stress, arrogance, selfishness, and anger)
  • Pavanamuktasana (Massages internal organs and decongests the liver and sexual organs)

  • Feet and ankle exercises
  • Knee movement
  • Hip movement and rotation
  • Leg cradle
  • Side bending
  • Arms movement
  • Arm swing
  • Elbow movement
  • Wrist and hand movement
  • Neck exercises
  • Chin, jaw, mouth, tongue, eye, and head exercises

  • 1008 offering to Shiva and Shakti
  • Visit Devi temple for worship
  • Daily chanting and Arati
  • Bhajan kirtan for Kundalini awakening

  • Jala neti
  • Kunjal Kriya
  • Daily detox
  • Kapalbhati
  • Tratak

  • Correct Sitting
  • Correct Breathing
  • Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation

  • Kapal Bhati - For Awakening 3rd Eye and emotional cleansing
  • Bhastrika - For Awakening fire center and Emotional Stability
  • Bhramari - Transforming Brain Waves and cleansing Ajna and Sahasrar chakra
  • Nadi-shodhanam - For balancing both hemispheres and activating Sushumna

  • Rules and Preparation
  • Postures
  • Chakra Sadhana
  • Practices to awaken Ajna Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Muladhara Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Swadhisthana Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Manipura Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Anahata Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Practices to awaken Bindu
  • Practices for Chakra Awareness
  • Moola Shakti Bandha (Root Energy Lock)
  • Uddiyana Shakti Bandha (Abdomen Energy Lock)
  • Jalandhar Shakti Bandha (Throat Energy Lock)
  • Maha Shakti Bandha (Great Energy Lock)

  • Hasta Mudra
  • Mana Mudra
  • Kaya Mudra
  • Adhara Mudra
  • Bandha Mudra

  • Subtle body awakening Yoga Nidra
  • 31 point blue star yoga Nidra

  • Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
  • Definition of the Chakra
  • Understanding the Chakra
  • Mooladhara Chakra
  • Swadhisthana Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Sahasrara Chakra
  • Kundalini Awakening Process
  • Mantra-Shaktipata

  • Nadis/Energy channels
  • Chakras
  • Panchakosha (5 sheaths)
  • Respiratory system
  • Nervous system
  • Tridosha
  • Dhatus
  • Vayu

Daily Schedule

05:00 - 06:00
Kundalini Sadhana bell-icon
06:15 - 07:15
Kundalini Pranayama & Meditation bell-icon
07:30 - 09:00
Kundalini Tantra Theory & Practice bell-icon
09:00 - 09:45
Breakfast bell-icon
10:45 - 11:45
Yoga Anatomyy bell-icon
12:00 - 01:00
Yoga Alignment & Adjustment/ Teaching Methodology bell-icon
01:00 - 02:00
Lunch bell-icon
02:00 - 03:30
Self Study bell-icon
03:30 - 04:30
Kundalini Philosophy bell-icon
04:30 - 06:00
Classical Hatha Yoga bell-icon
06:00 - 07:00
Dinner bell-icon
07:00 - 08:00
Ganga Beach Meditation (Self) bell-icon

Exam & Certification for 200 hour YTTC


Namaste Yoga School is a traditional ashram in Rishikesh, located amidst the green and silent environment. We welcome Kundalini yoga aspirants to explore the wisdom within their own presence with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. The school is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA and so is the course. That means, once you complete the course by successfully qualifying for the exam, submitting the assignments, and with great attendance, you are honored with the certificates approved by Yoga Alliance As a kundalini yoga teacher. After this, you are now ready to move forward in your journey as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and teach anywhere in the world.

Accommodation & Food

After a person enrolls in the yoga TTC in Rishikesh, the institution provides food and accommodation options. They provide accommodation, food, and lodging for the person registering. Even though this is an option, most people who join the course take this and live together with other fellow students. The whole course price includes the fees for food and accommodation, so there is no case in paying more for living there.

If you are option for private accomodation it cost you 200 USD Extra

Our Rooms

Our Foods

Upcoming Dates & Fee

Fee Options

Private Room

1499 USD (1899 USD)

  • Single Occupancy
  • Private Amenities
  • 24/7 Room Service

2 Shared Room

1499 USD (1899 USD)

  • Shared Accommodation
  • Common Area Access
  • Weekly Cleaning

3 Shared Room

1499 USD (1899 USD)

  • Group Accommodation
  • Shared Facilities
  • Monthly Events

4 Shared Room

1499 USD (1899 USD)

  • Shared Living Space
  • Community Events
  • Utilities Included


Month Available Seats Apply
1st June 2024 - 25th June 2024 Fully Booked Apply now
1st July 2024 - 25th July 2024 4 seats Apply now
1st August 2024 - 25th August 2024 5 seats Apply now
1st September 2024 - 25th September 2024 8 seats Apply now
1st October 2024 - 25th October 2024 10 seats Apply now
1st November 2024 - 25th November 2024 3 seats Apply now
1st December 2024 - 25th December 2024 6 seats Apply now
1st January 2025 - 25th January 2025 7 seats Apply now
1st February 2025 - 25th February 2025 8 seats Apply now
1st March 2025 - 25th March 2025 10 seats Apply now
1st April 2025 - 25th April 2025 4 seats Apply now
1st May 2025 - 25th May 2025 5 seats Apply now



Our well-equipped studio provides state-of-the-art yoga studios with essential props and equipment for effective practice.


Our experienced instructors and certified yoga instructors ensure high-quality teaching and guidance.


Our participants can access comfortable and secure accommodation options, fostering a conducive environment for immersive learning.


Our school offers nutritious and balanced meal plans, supporting participants' overall well-being during their stay.


Our participants receive comprehensive study materials and resources as part of the course, aiding in a thorough understanding of yoga principles and techniques.


E Eliska Warner

200 Hour TTC

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Finding a good Yoga school for Teacher Training in Rishikesh can be a tough job because there are over 1000 schools. I have been fortunate enough to have found Namaste Yoga school....

J Juhar Himalya

Kundalini TTC

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Great place to learn yoga teacher training course. Good staff, good teacher and best accommodation in Rishikesh with mountain view. I join kundalini yoga course and it's just awesome.

P Prabhat Nautiyal

Meditation Course

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If you want to learn yoga..Go there... Excellent management, excellent teachers, excellent food.... Don't hesitate...Just enroll yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our courses are designed to cater to individuals of all flexibility levels. The training includes progressive practices to enhance flexibility over time. Our experienced instructors will provide modifications to ensure everyone can participate and benefit from the course.

A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is an immersive program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to become certified yoga instructors. This comprehensive course typically spans a few weeks, covering asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, and teaching methodology. It provides a foundational understanding of yoga philosophy and history, ensuring participants can lead safe, effective, and inspiring yoga classes upon completion.

Yes, a 200-hour yoga teacher training provides a foundational understanding and skills necessary to start teaching yoga. However, ongoing self-practice, additional workshops, and teaching experience are crucial for honing expertise and confidence. Continuous learning beyond the initial training is recommended for a well-rounded and effective yoga teaching journey.

The duration to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training varies but typically ranges from three to five weeks. Courses may be condensed or spread over weekends, accommodating different schedules. Choosing a format that aligns with individual commitments is essential for a comprehensive and transformative training experience.

Absolutely! Many 200-hour yoga teacher training courses are designed with beginners in mind. These programs provide a solid foundation, fostering a supportive environment for individuals new to yoga. A willingness to learn and a passion for yoga are the key prerequisites for beginners to embark on this transformative training journey.

Before starting a 200-hour yoga teacher training, it's beneficial to have a basic understanding of yoga postures, breath awareness, and alignment principles. A genuine passion for yoga, an open mind for learning, and consistent personal practice are essential. While not mandatory, some programs may recommend a minimum practice level to ensure participants are physically prepared for the training's intensity. Approach the training with a positive attitude, commitment to learning, and a love for yoga to make the most of the experience.

After completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC):
  • Choose a Recognized Program: Ensure a reputable yoga alliance or certification body accredits your YTTC.
  • Collect Documentation: Gather your training certificate and any required teaching hours.
  • Register: Join a yoga alliance and submit credentials to become a certified yoga teacher.
  • Gain Teaching Experience: Offer classes or workshops to enhance skills and confidence.
  • Continuous Learning: Attend workshops and advanced training for ongoing professional development.
Following these steps will solidify your journey from completing a 200-hour YTTC to becoming a certified yoga teacher.